Richland-Grant Telephone Cooperative has a variety of high-speed, 100% Fiber-optic internet packages available to choose. Contact us today to learn more about what service best fit your needs or create your own experience by filling out a quick form and mix and match Phone, TV and/or Internet services!

Internet Packages:

Unlimited Data at 60 Mb/30 Mb
Unlimited Data at 120 Mb/60 Mb
Unlimited Data at 200 Mb/100 Mb
Unlimited Data at 500 Mb/250 Mb
Unlimited Data at 1 Gb/500 Mb

Create your own experience!

Interested in getting Phone, Internet and/or TV services from Richland-Grant Telephone Cooperative? Create your own experience tailored to your needs by mixing and matching the services you are interested installing in your home. Then we will be in contact with you about the services and guide you through the next steps of set up and installation.

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